Products and partners coming together to deliver and scale innovations that transform maternity care.



Our partners share our vision of a high-quality, high-value maternity care system. Partners can join the Maternity Neighborhood to deliver content, conduct research, and implement innovative models of care delivery. Our current partners include many of the organizations leading the maternity care transformation, including:


American Association of Birth Centers

Data Registry and Research Partner: Strong Start for Mothers & Newborns Grant from the CMS Innovation Center

Birth centers will have:
  • Access to data for continuous quality improvement
  • Tools for enhanced prenatal care, risk assessment, and decision support
  • Feedback from clients on the experience of care and satisfaction
Researchers and Policy Makers will have:
  • Data for comparative effectiveness research
  • Patient-reported outcomes on the process and experience of care

Childbirth Connection

Childbirth Connection

Pregnancy Education from Childbirth Connection, a leading provider of evidence-based content for expectant parents.

Childbirth Connection has licensed a library of articles and images to the Maternity Neighborhood for use in our patient education tool. Clinicians can include these resources in messages to women, or set up automatic delivery by gestational age. Women can browse the library at any time day or night to gain access to high-quality, evidence-based information about prenatal nutrition and wellness, managing common discomforts, and preparing for labor and birth.


Maternity Data Collaborative

Maternity Data Collaborative

We’re working with the Midwifery Data Collaborative member organizations, MANA, AABC, and ACNM, to expand on the research potential of outcomes reported directly by women about their maternity care. These “patient reported outcomes” will inform ongoing work to develop a “Maternity CAHPS” to assess the quality and woman-centeredness of maternity care in all settings.


Midwives Alliance of North America

Midwives Alliance of North America

We’re working with MANA to explore linking the MANA Stats Data Registry to Private Practice EHR, making data entry and quality improvement easier for its membership.


American College of Nurse-Midwives

American College of Nurse-Midwives

We’re working with the American College of Nurse-Midwives on strategic planning for expansion of a data registry that supports research, quality improvement, and policy and meets the needs of ACNM members.


Informed Medical Decisions Foundation

Informed Medical Decisions Foundation

We’re working with the Informed Medical Decisions Foundation to offer pregnantMe Smart Decision Guides, evidence-based tools to support informed, shared decision making. We’re also exploring ways to document and improve shared decision making processes in maternity care.


Our Family of Products

We offer a growing family of interoperable tools and apps that work on their own or together.

Electronic Health Record for Maternity Care

Electronic Health Record (EHR) for Maternity Care

Capture and communicate all aspects of care in a robust, user-friendly maternity record that you share with your client.

  • Chart from any computer, iPad, tablet, or smartphone
  • Customize discussion check lists
  • Collaborate and communicate with your partners and colleagues
  • Give your client direct access to her record
  • HIPAA compliance, bank level security, and automatic backup

Electronic Health Record (EHR) for Maternity Care
learn more at


Patient Education, e-Consents and Secure Messaging

Patient Education, e-Consents, and Secure Messaging Coming Soon

Effortlessly deliver high-quality curated content, share your own content, and manage consents and signatures.

  • Select and send articles from a growing library of curated content from high-quality content partners like Childbirth Connection
  • Upload your own handouts and forms
  • Request a patient signature on any form or document
  • Set automatic messages to send content at the optimal gestational week
  • Manage all of your secure messages in one intuitive dashboard
  • HIPAA compliance, bank level security, and automatic backup
  • Analyze and improve your progress on patient engagement, health outcomes, and satisfaction with the care experience using the included patient survey tool

Online Appointment Scheduling

Online Appointment Scheduling Coming in 2014

Make sure your patients are on time and ready to make the most of your visits together.

  • Invite women to make their own appointments according to visit type, length of visit, and your preferences and availability
  • Manage multiple providers and locations
  • Set automatic reminders, and reschedule appointments easily
  • Recommend educational content and manage to-dos between visits
  • Invite your patients to input their questions and concerns before their visits


Childbirth Connection’s national Listening to MothersSM surveys describe women’s childbearing experiences from before pregnancy through the postpartum period, and their views about these matters.

Declercq ER, Sakala C, Corry MP, Applebaum S, Herrlich A. Listening to Mothers III: Pregnancy and Birth. New York: Childbirth Connection, May 2013. Available at

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