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Getting started with Maternity Neighborhood has never been easier. Simply click the link below to create an account and enter payment details.

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Maternity Neighborhood costs $55 to start and includes 1 seat. Each additional seat costs $20.* You can add or remove as many seats as you like if your organization changes over time.

*In order to maintain HIPAA compliance, each individual must have their own seat. Shared logins are not considered compliant.

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How will I be charged? You will be billed monthly via credit card based on how many seats you’re paying for. The base rate is $55/month for one person. Each additional seat is $20/month.

What is a seat? A seat is an individual login. For example, if you are a solo provider, you may only need one seat. If your biller needs access to your records, they will need a separate login, so you will need 2 seats. Client logins are not considered seats.

Can people share seats? HIPAA rules and regulations require that each person accessing PHI have their own individual login. We don’t recommend sharing seats in order to keep your Maternity Neighborhood account HIPAA-compliant.

I want to start with more than one seat. No problem! You will be prompted at sign-up to enter how many seats you want to start with. You can always increase or decrease this number at any time.

I have more questions or want to speak to a human. You can contact us anytime by emailing