Information is power: The Informed Mom in the Maternity Neighborhood

By May 11, 2014 2 Comments

When we conceived of the Maternity Neighborhood, we imagined a continuously improving healthcare ecosystem with women and babies at the center. We believe there’s no greater story of population health than one that starts with giving the best care to the population from the very beginning, and to the women who grow and care for the next generation.


We began with the theory that women themselves can improve maternity care. How? By claiming their power in it.  And information is power.


The Informed Mom is the heart of the Maternity Neighborhood. From the start, our EHR has given women total, unfettered access to their own health information. With each new feature or product we design for clinicians, we focus on creating an experience for women to engage in shared decision making, access and share information, and deepen their relationships with their care providers.


As we continue to grow this company, we commit to becoming ever bolder in our mission to engage and honor women as active participants in their care and catalysts of system change. This Mother’s Day, we honor and celebrate the people who breathe life into our Neighborhood, and into every community where they live.


  • Hi, I am a nurse midwife in Cleveland, OH and am excited by your website/progress.

    Have you ever considered allowing for, fostering, encouraging local manifestations of your website? Say for example in my area we could have Cleveland Maternity Neighborhood. I could keep some things local and current but we would be connected to the larger audience via the original Maternity Neighborhood website. I would love a local website that was created to encourage women’s increased knowledge, connectedness and empowerment!

    Hope I get some reply!

    • Amy Romano says:

      Hi Susan.
      Thanks for being the first to comment on the Maternity Neighborhood blog! I love the idea of local manifestations of the Neighborhood. We have a lot of ideas about how our tools can be used to strengthen local relationships and connect women, providers, and others in their communities. When the tools are all launched we will think about how to use this site and this blog to create a home in the neighborhood for that.


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