Announcing a blog series on care model innovation

By October 16, 2014 7 Comments

I am excited to begin blogging here about care model innovation. As a technology company, Maternity Neighborhood aims to develop the tools that make it easier to deliver care differently. Strategically, we align ourselves with the care models we think will grow rapidly as our healthcare system evolves to become more person-centered and value-driven.


For a school project, I am doing a deep dive on care model innovation in both maternity care and our broader healthcare system. I will look at several successful maternity care models, and also explore how payment reform can drive the expansion of these and other promising models. I figured if I am writing about these topics anyway, I would broaden the conversation by posting my analysis and reflections here. I invite comments and conversation.


Below is the curriculum I designed for myself. One caveat: There are very few learning resources listed from Childbirth Connection’s Transforming Maternity Care Project. I highly recommend all of their high-quality reports. I didn’t include them in my curriculum because I used to work for Childbirth Connection and am quite familiar with the material already. But if you’re reading along on this project, please check out those resources, too!


1. What is care model innovation? [Go to post] Learning Resources:



2. The case for care model innovation in U.S. maternity care [Go to post]
Learning Resources:



3. Care models that work: Nurse-Family Partnership [Go to post] Learning Resources:


4. Care models that work: Doulas as community health workers [Go to Post]
Learning Resources:


5. Care models that work: Midwife-led maternity services [Go to Post] Learning Resources:


6. Care models that work: Group Prenatal Care (CenteringPregnancy) [Go to Post] Learning Resources:


7. Early examples of payment innovation in maternity care [Go to Post] Learning Resources:


8. More mature payment reform models: An overview
Learning Resources:


9. Driving community-based care through payment reform
Learning Resources:


10. The data infrastructure required for care model transformation
Learning Resources


  • The weather has finally turned in San Francisco and I was feeling that back-to-school urge – this is perfect! I’d love to read, think, and comment along. What’s your approximate timeline?

    Particularly looking forward to the nurse-family partnership reading. It’s a model I’ve long been familiar with, but after my experience of postpartum care in Germany – my midwife came to visit at home literally as often as I wanted her for months – I am eager to go back to the literature now that I can read it with a level of personal understanding as well.

    • Amy Romano says:

      Thanks Jessica! I’m aiming for one topic per week. I’m also really looking forward to the NFP week. It’s a model I admire quite a bit and it’s the one of the four that I have the least direct experience with.

      Thanks for reading along!

  • just posted to CMQCC social media. This is timely as we consult with others who are interested in developing innovative care models in maternity. Looking forward to keeping up with this! (can you add a ‘subscribe’ option to the blog so it comes to email?- please?!)

  • What a lovely group of readings ! I think I will read along with you! If you want someone to discuss topics with, I would love to join in a discussion. One additional suggestion is the Coursera course out of UCSF on Interprofessional collaboration. It is a great set of lectures- week one and week 2 are nice overviews of how many provider types can collaborate to improve care of all types.

    • Amy Romano says:

      Welcome to the reading club, Julia! Thanks for your comment. It’s great to hear about the Coursera course too!

  • Ruth Wilf says:

    Very exciting, Amy. Also would be glad if could subscribe on email.

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