A new tool for listening to mothers

We are pleased to launch the Maternity Neighborhood Care Guide with custom surveys for the American Association of Birth Centers and the Strong Start for Mothers and Newborns Initiative. The Care Guide presents a library of curated resources for providers and women, building on the strong informed consent model of birth center and midwifery care. Says AABC Strong Start Project Director Jill Alliman, “AABC is pleased to have the opportunity to collaborate with Maternity Neighborhood on this project.  These tools will help women participate more fully as partners in their maternity care and to benefit from the many educational resources available to them.”


Based on validated surveys from similar satisfaction research in the UK, the anonymous data collected will inform birth center care and provide a background to the already positive clinical outcomes published about birth centers and the birth center model. As part of our mandate to support quality data collection, Maternity Neighborhood is excited to pilot this powerful patient engagement tool with AABC birth centers, clinicians and women.


The online surveys create an opportunity for expanded data collection on women’s experiences in maternity care (already part of the AABC mandate) and on knowledge acquisition during pregnancy and birth. “The AABC Maternity Surveys in the Maternity Neighborhood Care Guide will allow us to collect critical data so we can explain what is unique about birth center care, how women experience this care and the direct impact of our care on women and families. There is no comparable maternity care survey available in the US,” says Susan Stapleton, Data Coordinator for the AABC Strong Start project.


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