Doula Training International (DTI) joins the Neighborhood!

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Cofounders Tara Brooke and Gina Giordano with Brynne at Born Into This 2018


Maternity Neighborhood is excited to announce a new partnership with Doula Trainings International (DTI). An idea hatched over many months, this partnership is intended to help shape the effort to provide a data collection and workflow tool specifically designed for independent doulas.  Maternity Neighborhood already supports community-based doula and maternity outreach programs, but wanted to develop something that meets the needs of smaller doula practices as well. Our affinity for DTI stems from their vision for not just training doulas, but also elevating them with ongoing membership and support services.  

The partnership begins with an exclusive offering of our Independent Doula version of Maternity Neighborhood software. We are working with DTI to make sure that our features meet the needs of modern doulas and look forward to engaging with the DTI community.  Our style of software development engages the user community to continuously improve our workflows in order to enhance the work that you do.

When we spoke with the founders of DTI, Tara Brooke and Gina Giordano about their vision for their organization, we recognized that a collaborative effort to collect and analyze outcomes data from their members is a critical next step to move the professional forward. Not only will a synchronized system for data collection help increase opportunities for funding doulas through insurance or health plan reimbursement, it will also help DTI to evaluate its own program.

“We know our training programs are powerful and effective in preparing doulas for professional work, but we also live in a constantly changing world and need a system for continuously evaluating and improving our offerings. This partnership with Maternity Neighborhood is part of an overarching effort to track data and support DTI members in an ongoing way”. -Tara Brooke

The benefit for all of us in partnering is more than just sharing expertise and resources.  It is part of a much needed effort for every individual and organization to do their part to make high quality maternity care available to every birthing person. We are excited to see where this new endeavor leads and how we can support every birth worker in the US to reach their potential. 

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