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Advocating for greater access

We recognize that while technology and data are critical to the success of innovative maternity care delivery programs, it is the people who deliver the services that truly matter. We are proud of our customers because they are the carers who provide critical support to pregnant families in their communities.  Our goal is to elevate our partners through our platform; joining our voices for a better system that provide equitable and safe care for all.

We support: doulas

With 8 years of experience in supporting clinical maternity services through our award-winning electronic health record, Maternity Neighborhood is pleased to announce the successful launch of our digital tools designed specifically to support relational perinatal services such as doula and community health worker programs. Whether you already have a home visiting/labor support program as part of your community service offering or are thinking about integrating these innovative and vital services, we would love to offer you support!

We support: midwives

Our company was founded and is led by a midwife.  Our goal of supporting the work of midwives continues to be a leading principle that shapes everything we build and do. With tools that support integration of out of hospital birth into health systems, we help to improve communication and coordination between maternity care providers.


“We have been using Maternity Neighborhood for years now. It completely changed how we do things, and in a very positive way. Our client satisfaction surveys consistently show that our clients felt their experience with Maternity Neighborhood was outstanding. Our staff finds it easy to use, and they like being able to access charts anywhere, whether on their computer or their phones. Maternity Neighborhood has been a key partner in our success as a practice.”

Kim PekinCPM and Practice Owner

“Amber wasn’t just my birthing coach more like my life coach... My doula was everything... I love this program! Gave me insight and helped me.”

Happy ClientsBirth Matters, SC

Committed Partners