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the current state of pregnancy care in the United States

Cesarean delivery rate vs. 20% in 1996

of uninsured pregnant people receive no prenatal care in the first trimester

of babies are born prematurely

of counties that lack adequate access to prenatal care


days on average wait time to see an ob/gyn


the maternal mortality rate among Black & Indigenous people compared to white people



2 Egerter S, Braveman P, Marchi K. Timing of insurance coverage and use of prenatal care among low-income women. Am J Public Health. 2002;92(3):423-427. doi:10.2105/ajph.92.3.423


4 U.S. Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA), Area Health Resources Files, 2019



advocating for greater access

We recognize that while technology and data are critical to the success of innovative maternity care delivery programs, it is the people who deliver the services that truly matter. We are proud of our customers because they are the ones providing critical support to pregnant families in their communities. Our goal is to elevate our partners through our platform. Together, we can create a better system that provides equitable and safe care for all.

Midwife with long dark hair and light skin smiles while holding a baby.

we support: midwives

Supporting the work of midwives continues to be a leading principle that shapes everything we build and do. With tools that support integration of out-of-hospital births into health systems, we improve communication and coordination between maternity care providers so clients have a better experience.

A doula with curly dark hair and medium skin supports a person in labor.

we support: doulas

Maternity Neighborhood is proud to offer digital tools designed specifically to support relational perinatal services such as doula and community health worker programs. Whether you already have a home visiting/labor support program as part of your community service offering or are thinking about integrating these innovative and vital services, we would love to offer you support.

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