Maternity Neighborhood teams up with ACNM on data collection and quality improvement

A huge part of our vision here at Maternity Neighborhood relies on collaboration with strategic partners. We recognize the influence that technology can have on practice and behaviors and believe that through alliances with organizations that represent our community in the professional and political realms we can have more impact with everything we design and build.


The increase in demand for data to leverage payment and practice reform has led ACNM to engage in a new vision for patient-level data collection for midwifery care. Our engagement with ACNM has been led by VP of Health Ecosystems, Amy Romano, CNM, MSN. Through Amy’s work with the ACNM Data Collection Task Force, Maternity Neighborhood has been able to create a “roadmap” for quality data collection in the form of a Technical Development Plan.


We’re doing lots of thinking, sharing, and building of a common vision for quality data without making life harder for midwives. Stay tuned for updates here.



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