Is listening the secret sauce?

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According to a recent study at the University of Minnesota School of Public Health involving a sample of 2,400 women, those attended by midwives during their pregnancy and birth experiences were more likely to ask the questions they had than those seeing doctors.


In a statement from lead author Katy Kozhimannil, Ph.D., M.P.A.:


“In this study, we found that women who saw a midwife for pregnancy reported that they were more likely to ask questions during their visits, had a better understanding of the medical words being used, and more often felt that their care provider spent enough time with them.”


Is the difference in the title of the clinician or in the model of care?  It’s hard to tease out, but perhaps what makes women ask more questions is less about the provider and more about having enough time to be heard. Generally, having enough time at a prenatal visit is a hallmark of midwifery care but it is certainly not exclusive to one provider type.


Dr. Lanalee Araba Sam, cofounder and medical director of Concierge Pregnancy is one of those obstetricians trying to shift the typical medical model to one centered around listening.


“In our healthcare system that has further separated a mom’s direct access to their obstetrician, I sought to shift the paradigm of care to one that enables like-minded obstetricians to offer personalized service that empowers moms like you to make the most informed decisions about the care for you and your baby.”


The Maternity Neighborhood Care Guide provides materials and resources that can close the communications gap between providers and women, enabling busy physicians to utilize the proven relationship-based midwifery model of care delivery that focuses on putting the woman at the center of her care decisions.


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