MN awarded place on Framework Agreement

Maternity Neighbourhood  (note our UK spelling!) has just been awarded  a place on the NHS Framework Agreement for Clinical Information Systems.


Maria Booker, our UK General Manager explains what this means for Maternity Neighbourhood in the UK.


“This is a great result for Maternity Neighbourhood, as it shows we are a credible alternative to  established players in the industry.  This Framework Agreement creates exciting opportunities to talk to new Trusts in the UK.  As a midwife – founded company, offering a record that women, as well as midwives can access electronically, we want to partner with Trusts who are serious about offering patient centred maternity services and want a patient centred, maternity specific clinical record to match.”


The Framework Agreement can be used by any Trust and will make it easy for one or more Trusts, to procure directly from a supplier on the Framework or to run a mini competition amongst suppliers on the Framework, as all the pre-qualification checks have already been carried out.


Brynne Potter, Founder and CEO of Maternity Neighborhood, explains why the company are keen to expand in the UK:


Maria Booker

Maria Booker

“Maternity Neighborhood was born out of a desire to support the relationship based care that lies at the centre of midwifery care. I’m so proud that after 3 years 70% of midwives providing ambulatory maternity care (homes and birth centres) in the US are using our tools. As midwife-led care continues to increase in the US, expansion in the UK makes strategic sense for us as a company and I look forward to partnering with more Trusts over the coming months through this Framework Agreement.”


To find out more about the Framework Agreement check out the official press release.


For more information about Maternity Neighbourhood in the UK please contact Maria Booker, UK General Manager on

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