MN & Shared Decision Making


In our new blog post series, we plan to answer all your questions about Shared Decision Making and how to do it with Maternity Neighborhood. According to a 2014 Institute of Medicine Roundtable on Value and Science-Driven Healthcare, shared decision making is an emerging standard for patient-centered care and is increasingly supported by federal and state legislation because of its clear potential to improve care delivery and reduce costs.


While some tools exist to support obtaining informed consent, Care Guide’s eConsents workflow allows a multi-step process of researching and communicating about options, exploring and clarifying preferences, and collaboratively developing a care plan. Maternity Neighborhood’s platform is designed with shared decision making at its core. From inviting women to be active participants in the neighborhood, to our partnership with Dartmouth Preference Lab in offering option grids, our tools provide support for each step of shared decision making.


Our Care Guide provides up to date, clinically relevant information at the right gestational age, and women can ask questions of their provider via messages between appointments. With eConsents and our upgraded messages, MN allows for unprecedented delivery and documentation of shared decision making. You and your patients can review or revisit at any point.

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