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The Key to Pregnancy Self-Management

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Our Care Guide platform was put to the test with an outside study from Columbia University School of Nursing researchers. The findings were published recently in the online journal, Generating Evidence & Methods to Improve Patient Outcomes (eGEMs).


Researchers found that utilizing our online education and communication platform to determine how far along a woman is in her pregnancy can allow delivery of educational information specifically targeted to their gestational age. The study found that Medicaid-eligible patients who were at the greatest risk of health disparities were able to get the information they needed to engage in better self-management during pregnancy.

“Pregnant women in our study were very receptive to receiving information based on how far along they are in their pregnancy as recorded in the electronic health record (EHR),” said study author and Columbia Nursing assistant professor Adriana Arcia.

How does Care Guide work?

CareGuide Connect is a digital platform that helps family-centered programs achieve the Triple Aim of better value, experience and outcomes by making tracking, communication and customization easy. It’s the perfect tool for Doula Care, Lactation Support, Prenatal and Postpartum Community Health and Case Management as well as, Home Visitation.

Care Guide Library Video


Customizing your libraries of educational content for your local community is the best way to engage women on the platform. In fact, many of our customers add things like photos and bios of their care providers and what to expect at visits in order to help moms get familiar with their programs.    


Let us help you make a difference in your maternal child health service delivery. Contact us at Maternity Neighborhood Support to schedule a demonstration!

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