Making our List and Checking it Twice

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As 2017 is coming to a close, our team at Maternity Neighborhood has been reflecting on the past year and exploring what we expect in the year ahead. Like you, we have been anxiously watching the chaos in Washington, D.C. with regard to health politics and policy. While we still can’t predict how our current leadership will attempt to “un-break” our health care system, we can rely on one thing: babies will continue to be born in the United States, and we will do everything we can to support their high quality in delivery.

Tools you can rely on

Some of our biggest accomplishments in 2017 were quiet victories that you and your colleagues may not have noticed. While the transition caused a week or so of blips, we had a major infrastructure upgrade that has resulted in a faster product with more reliability (less down time) than our previous platform. We have always believed that “fast is a feature” and we’re are excited to provide you with a bit more zip as you navigate your way through your work day.

Integrations for 2018

In other big news, we have become a certified Quest Diagnostics Labs vendor. This means that you can now have an integrated experience with Labs if you are a Quest Diagnostics customer. Contact us at to get on our integration sign-up list. It’s free!

Also coming in the spring is eFax integration. You will be able to receive faxes directly from the Maternity Neighborhood platform. Stay tuned for more information on how this program will work for your practice.

From your wish list to our roadmap

Other features that have been on your wish list are in our roadmap for 2018. These include improvements to data export (reporting), the ability to schedule classes, and episode-to-episode migration of client data. We have heard lots of great ideas from you on how to improve our encounters workflow and will be working hard to keep providing the best in class digital platform for maternity care.

As always, we appreciate our customers at Maternity Neighborhood. We are here for you and look forward to continuing our partnership toward Healthy Families in 2018 >.

PS: Remember the Care Guide!
Many more of our customers have integrated the Care Guide education and eConsent delivery system into their practices. With over 10,000 unique client logins in 2017 alone, we are growing a significant data set of education and engagement that has become the hallmark of the care provided by our customers. If your practice is not using Care Guide, get in touch to schedule a training demo. The tool is free to all of our users, and it will save you time and improve your communications for shared decision making.

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