Achieving the Triple Aim with MN Care Guide

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The Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI), founded by Don Berwick the former head of the Center for Medicaid/Medicare Services (CMS), outlines a framework for achieving better health outcomes called The Triple Aim. Simply put, there are three dimensions that must be pursued simultaneously in healthcare delivery:

  • Improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction)
  • Improving the health of populations
  • Reducing the cost of health care

We’ve talked about how important outcomes data is for midwives, doulas and other MCH programs to track and publish. We know that there is much work being done to explore better ways to reduce costs AND pay for quality services like midwifery, doula care and breastfeeding counseling. What excites us the most here at Maternity Neighborhood is the third point of the triangle…the experiences of care.


As maternity care providers, we continuously must ask ourselves if we are doing the best we can to provide the most optimal experiences to the families we serve.  We know it’s not just the clinical care or the timely referrals or interventions that can make a difference in a pregnancy, its the building of a trusting relationship that enables more satisfying experiences.


We built Care Guide so that the engagement work that our customers: midwives, obstetricians, doulas, lactation counselors and other maternal child health workers, do can be supported and measured. Whether it’s through Shared Decision Making, timely and relevant education, or surveys targeted for certain stages of the childbearing cycle, Care Guide’s features are designed to help make your program run more efficiently so that you can spend more time connecting with the families you serve.  


Our Care Guide platform was put to the test with an outside study from Columbia University School of Nursing researchers. The findings were published in their online journal, Generating Evidence & Methods to Improve Patient Outcomes (eGEMs).


We are really proud to report the total pregnant clients who have used Care Guide and the number of resources they read.

  • since we launched it in 2015: 21,449
  • In 2017: 10,935

Total number of resources read by clients: 171,373, with an average of 8 resources read by clients during their pregnancy episode

These results are encouraging and we look forward to launching more customers with Care Guide.  If you want more information about how you can incorporate Care Guide into your practice, please email

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