MN named Innovator of the Year!

At a gala awards ceremony in Charlottesville, Maternity Neighborhood was named Innovator of the Year by the Charlottesville Business Innovation Council (CBIC). A local company with broad reach, Maternity Neighborhood engages pregnant women, delivers educational content and surveys and helps manage the care journey during pregnancy and beyond. The company is helmed by founders, midwife and CEO Brynne Potter and CTO Ron DuPlain.



CBIC’s Innovator of the Year award, “Recognizes an individual or organization for their creativity and resourcefulness in the development of a new product, service or product candidate, and can also include the means by which their innovation will reach its end user.” The award was accepted by Brynne Potter,  “We thank CBIC for your acknowledgement of the importance of healthy babies and healthy mothers to communities.  In our prosperous Charlottesville community, racial disparities in maternal and child health outcomes are severe.  We hope that this award can raise local awareness and that Maternity Neighborhood can partner with organizations and individuals who are working to improve the ecosystem in equality and access issues that contribute to these poor outcomes.”


Maternity Neighborhood’s innovative approach empowers everyone involved in maternity care. To read the first Maternity Neighborhood white paper “Why Invest in Maternity Care Innovation,” visit:


Says Tracey Greene, Executive Director of CBIC: “Maternity Neighborhood is one of Charlottesville’s up and rising entrepreneurial stars. They have proven themselves to be creative, forward-thinking leaders who embrace technology that enables their product. Brynne Potter is resourceful. She has successfully assembled a valuable team of employees, investors, clients, and champions to bring Maternity Neighborhood’s care model innovation to the world. One angel investor recently told me he would follow her into battle.”

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