Moving to the Neighborhood

As of last week we have begun migrating practices from the legacy EHR to the new Maternity Neighborhood. We look forward to sharing testimonials from practices as folks transition to the full scope of integrated tools included in the new platform.


Like any neighborhood worth living in, ours is about connection. We have spent the last year rebuilding our technology infrastructure and rethinking our design so that we can make it easier to connect.


We have built the Neighborhood to:


  • deepen the connection between providers and clients with expanded workflows for communication and shared decision making
  • increase efficiency with connected Billing and Coding tools
  • connect women to evidence-based, engaging educational resources with our Care Guide, featuring content libraries from Lamaze International, Childbirth Connection (a program of the National Partnership for Women and Families), and the Option Grid collaborative at The Dartmouth Institute
  • connect community-based midwifery care to the rest of the healthcare system, by laying critical groundwork for interoperability with hospital-based electronic health record systems


If you have additional questions, we encourage you to visit our help page or attend one of our webinars as we will try to answer questions there so everyone will benefit from hearing the answer.

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